Illustration in Business

How Illustration can speak for a brand and how to make best use of it

Many images are not only decorations, but visual representations of ideas.

 Illustration allows us to communicate better with clients Understanding the visual message requires less effort than reading text. Viewers stay engaged for much longer because their esthetic sense is pleased at the same time. Drawn images are a great alternative for interchangeable stock photos used all over again by multiple companies.

Where and how to use illustration?

From printed media like books, posters, flyers to screen use. Web is a very friendly place for illustrations. The colours look crisp and the web offers the advantage of animating some elements. Even icons are illustrations. Campaigns with a use of prominent illustrated elements encourage people to remember them or keep the packaging instead of instantly throwing it out.  Drawings can explain abstract and complex topics through metaphor or infographic. Photos or collages give the brand a more organic feeling. They stand out and become a recognizable style if used consequently.

Types and Styles of Illustration

There are thousands of techniques and styles to create different effects. It Is very important to choose one, that addresses a specific age group andaudience. Illustration uses a limited palette of colours. Used for buisnesses the colours usually refer to the corporate design manual.  The style of illustration should also represent the recognizable elements of a brand.

Traditional styles can be suitable for gastronomy, culture, fine arts and music branches. Modern geometric images can find themselves in tech- related and fashion industries. The most important part ist the age of the dedicated audience. Advertisement for children and young adults require a different approach. Younger audience prefers the visual language over blocks of text. Their taste leans towards more saturated colours and simple composition. Older groups may understand elaborate images in reference to traditional drawing techniques better.

Where to get high quality illustrations from?

Since the trend is rising, many illustrations are available for free or little price on stock platforms. It does not necessarily mean they are the best solution.

If the budget is not the only requirement, it is definitely worth to invest in a professional illustrator or an agency.This will increase the chances of getting noticed.

The individual approach will result in images, which understand the needs of customers or audience. Illustrations created on request represent a consistent style and clear message. Exceptionally beautiful campaigns get frequently shared on social media and contribute to positive brand visibility. All in all it increases the chances of getting noticed on the market and possible increase in sales.

Who is using Illustration and how

Over the last few years, many corporate websites exchanged their generic icons and minimalistic style with illustrations. For a good reason! The hand-drawn and colorful icons and backgrounds are playful and provide a more personal look. At the same time they are informative.

As an illustrator I have been asked many times if I only create drawings for children’s books. In fact most of my projects were dedicated to adults. People regardless their age are generally visual. Nowadays even more renowned businesses like law firms or public institutions can take advantage of using illustrations with a great outcome. The common idea that only a limited group of business should use illustration is slowly becoming obsolete.

 There are great examples of successful companies (in tourism, gastronomy, tech, IT, lifestyle, fashion, news, wellness, education and many more), which decided to use illustration as their brand elements: Etsy, The New Yorker, Mailchimp, Headspace,, Airbnb, Nike, google doodles